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 I’m thirty, and I’m Catholic, and I’m gonna die alone in a light-up Christmas sweater talking tomenagerie of parrots.

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Veronica: We want to weaponize a pumpkin.
Ted: Then so do I. …Because?
Veronica: There’s a country with whom we do business that grows a great deal of pumpkins and would welcome additional uses for them… as well as cheaper ways to kill their enemies.
Ted: Well, finally the pumpkin gets to do something besides Halloween.
Veronica: …Pie.
Ted: …Halloween and pie.

Better Off Ted, 1x01

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THEMED PARTY | Challenge 22 | Hair

↳ Britta Perry [Community]

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Jun: I see you worked things out with your girlfriend.
Katara: I’m not his girlfriend!
Zuko: She’s not my girlfriend!

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All The Awards - Community

Outstanding Attempt To Calm A Friend In Labor

- Britta Perry for ‘Awkwardly holding their head’
- Ben Chang for ‘Getting them to visualize weird shit’
- Annie Edison for ‘Looking like you want to vomit’
- Dean Pelton for ‘Laughing in their face’
- Abed Nadir for ‘Peeking up their skirt’ 

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